Whole Child Tri County

Helping children in abusive families is more than just desire and devotion, it is a lifetime commitment to make sure these children realize their right for normal life.


Our Services


Counseling service

Will provide help to children and also adults who experienced any form of child neglect or abuse. This service offers three types of treatment, individual, family and group counseling.

Family support

Service understands how parenthood isn’t always easy. With providing home-based service and supportive educational group we successfully strengthen family relationships and improve parenting skills as it all makes a foundation of healthy society.

Education service

Offers many seminars and various educational classes in order to make sure people and children learn to recognize and prevent any form of child neglect or abuse.

Our Facilities

  • Child Abuse Prevention Center

    Child Abuse Prevention Center

    For many years our Child Abuse Prevention Center has provided various child abuse prevention programs. By cultivating the conditions that will positively impact children and family as well, it successfully eliminates risk factors that lead to neglect and abuse situations.
  • Child Abuse Treatment Village

    Child Abuse Treatment Village

    Our Programs at Child Abuse Treatment Village offers a full time, around the clock care and supervision for any child at risk of neglect and abuse. Professional staff is responsible to provide a nurturing environment in order children develop self-esteem and regain the trust.
  • Child Abuse and Trauma Cente

    Child Abuse and Trauma Cente

    Child Abuse and Trauma Center offers special treatments for children who developed some serious mental health problems after abuse or violence. This facility truly understands and provides special support and understanding which will regain their inner strength.
  • Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Center

    Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Center

    Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Center will make sure to help overcoming any emotional, psychological and physical trauma any child has experienced after this form of violence. This facility successfully helps children to live normal and happy lives they deserve.

Our Achievements

Our organization developed very successful Fight Abuse Campaign that brought together many times outnumbering professionals to discuss results and effectiveness of prevention programs for child and abuse neglect.

With many of our workshops we managed to educate thousands of citizens and individuals in order to prevent any form of abuse and neglect by spreading information and knowledge in any society possible.


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