Child abuse consequences

Consequences from this form of maltreatment can be devastating. It may leave significant trace on cognitive, psychological, physical and behavioral development of the children. As these consequences affect the victims themselves they also affect society as well. Major problem in this situation is that children do not show signs of extreme disturbance. Today still is not exactly known the importance of the intensity, timing and context of abuse on the outcome. But there are some frameworks that show some of the connections between types of abuse and its outcomes and consequences.

Physical and medical consequences

It is well known that child does not need a significant struck on the head to sustain some serious consequences, just a vigorous shake may sustain some serious head trauma. post2aTypical form of physical neglect is demonstrated as significant weight gain. Another type is connected to the absence of nutritional requirements and it is shown in a form of small stature. There are many other serious health problems and consequences as a result of abuse and neglect which may last for a long term.

Intellectual and cognitive consequences

With no evidence of neurological impairment there is shown delayed intellectual development within abused kids. Problematic school performance is also one of the factors that are affecting normal development of verbal intelligence within abused children. These children are less capable to manage personal problems and are less attentive to social activity.

Behavioral consequences

Most common childhood outcomes of child abuse are antisocial behavior and physical aggression. These children are really less competent to interact in society and this is manifested in form of avoidance, withdrawal, anger and often aggression. post2bAlso children who experienced severe violence in their lives have great problems with conducting problems and are very rule violated behaved.

Psychological consequences

These are especially powerful and severe in early stages of child development. Destroyed self-esteem, problem solving, social relationships, ability to cope with some new and stressful situations are just some of many consequences that may take serious and bad impact how on child also for society. Many forms of mental disorders come later at older age and may stay for long term if not treated on time. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexual problems, dissociation are more often today than ever among children of any age.

Just some of common consequences are mentioned, but unfortunately there is even wider range of serious consequences for children and adolescents who are victims of abuse and neglect. As every child is a unique personality it will have their own response to the trauma. Some children recover quickly and easy while other have long lasting effects. Anyway, they need every help and support they can get as the right to live a normal, healthy life.