Child abuse types

As the one of most hideous acts it significantly destroys child’s future. It is a serious offense and outnumbering countries are fighting it by defining legislations against this form of crime. Abuse may be any form of mental, physical and sexual mistreatment that leaves a deep impact on the child’s state of mind. This may take place anywhere, starting from public places, school home to any place child goes and interacts with others. Abuse may take several forms and here are some basic ones.

Mental abuse also known as emotional or psychological really negatively effects all around development of the child, especially in the social sphere. Rise of pessimistic attitude and loss of confidence are two main symptoms specific for this abuse. post1a There are also two specific and totally extreme psychological conditions that display as a result of this abuse, child either becomes extremely passive or too aggressive.

Physical abuse is known as any kind of physical injury done to a child. Unfortunately it is very often that people who are involved in this kind of situation, especially parents, do not realize they are doing any unethical act or criminal offense. They are not aware that they might harm the child mentality for a long term.

Sexual abuse is being reported around the world on daily basis and in the same time a large number of such a cases goes unreported every year. This kind abuse is an act when older person uses the body of a child for sexual satisfaction. This is in the same time an extremely delicate situation and horrific form of violence. It affects child both, physically and psychologically.

Child neglect refers to not taking care of the child properly in order of providing basic necessities like food, hygiene, shelter or clothing. It usually happens when parents are not physically or psychologically fit to take care of the child or when they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.post1b Poverty and apathy may also lead to a child neglect.

Substance abuse is a situation when child is exposed to any substance or its manufacture which has negative effect as immediately also on long term. Usual substances in these cases are alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Children usually become hardcore drug addicts or alcoholics, indulge in anti-social activities which brings bad future as for them also for the society.

Child exploitation takes form as recruiting children for laborious tasks, child trafficking or prostitution. These are very punishable acts and may be presented as social and moral evil.